Dear SOswing family,

With heavy hearts, we reluctantly submit to the facts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our convention is postponed until next year. We’ve been watching global and national rates of transmission, and we see we will not be through the storm by our date, May 14-17. Models are now predicting we’ll be coping with this well into the fall; some are predicting later. Yes, we hope for a “silver bullet,” but even then, getting that serum to everyone would still take months. All we can do for now is distance and… put off dancing.


However, we do remain stubbornly optimistic; we know this too shall pass, and we’ll be dancing together again. And, as long as we’ve got your attention... we announce our new SOswing Convention date: May 13-16, 2021. All 2020 ticket-holders will be rolled over to this event; you need not do anything, except stay healthy, do your part to help prevent the spread—and be patient. 


Our new-and-improved convention name? TEAL 2021: Hindsight Is 2020—The Redux!



Wishing all the best to you and yours,


Dave Kahn & Wren Newman


PS. DJ Koichi will be making a special “RIP SOswing 2020” playlist that he’ll putting out in our honor on May 15!

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