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Convention fun you don't have to pay for.

Free  for '24

We're dancing ALL WEEKEND at the Ashland Hills Hotel & Suites!


But we get it. If you're new to West Coast Swing, you probably aren't quite ready to commit your time & resources to a full weekend. (We were the same way, but then we feel in love.) Come try it out for free!

Friday, 5/16, 7-9pm: Free beginners workshop

  • Free lesson in the Cosmos ballroom downstairs, then you are welcome to come up and check out the comps & show in the Grand Ballroom on the main level.

  • No experience and no partner necessary (but if you have one or both, you're still very welcome).

  • Stay as long as you like up until midnight--or the comps finish up.

  • Come to registration a bit early to sign in.

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