SOswing '22

May 19-22

  • Discounted tix on sale now. Click here to purchase.

    • The 1st 100 tix are offered at $149. FULL event passes.

    • Regular-priced tix $159.

    • We do not anticipate selling partial/nightly passes. 

  • Our convention theme & color: TEAL

    • It's an acronym: To Exult And Luminesce (i.e. to shine with extreme happiness!)

  • Ticket sales LIMITED for 2022

    • 300 tix. This may change, depending on covid.

    • We may sell more, but we're taking a wait-and-see approach. Either way, we're staying on the smaller side, as always. This is intentional. We have always prided ourselves on being an event that is personal. We believe the key is not trying to sell as many tickets as possible. To borrow a term from Dr. Seuss, we're not interested in "biggering and biggering."