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News for SOswing

May 14-17, 2020

  • Our 2020 Vision for the convention theme and color is... TEAL

    • It's an acronym: To Exult And Luminesce (i.e. to shine with extreme happiness!)

  • Ticket sales will be LIMITED for 2020

    • 250 leads & 250 follows

    •  We have been growing at about 15% a year since "birth-year" in 2011. While we are very happy about our consistent growth--it means we're doing something right--we have strived to maintain our friendly, intimate vibe--always. Intentionally limiting our numbers helps us to to that. We also want to make sure we're offering balanced numbers in terms of lead and follows

  • Deep Discounted Pre-Sale Tix go on sale 1/1/2020

    • The 1st 100 tix are offered at $99. These are FULL event passes. Yessss! 1990s  pricing!