May, 2022

Dear SOswing family,

We're back--in TEAL! (To Exult and Luminesce!)


Same color scheme. Still the 3rd weekend in May: 5/19-5/22/2022.  Click here for tickets.

As of this update, we're still a fully vaccinated & a mask-optional event. We're serious about this. If for any reason you will not be vaccinated by the beginning of the event, please put off attending until the next SOswing. Please be ready to show proof of your vaccination.

We had been hoping that by May, we could be back to hosting a completely "normal" event. OHA & CDC have not given the all-clear (despite our numbers here in Jackson County being relatively low). As we've said from the outset, we continue to monitor the covid numbers and variants, and we will be closely adhering to all guidelines.  

We realize there could be another surge or another variant that forces another round of restrictions or even closures, depending on the severity. If that happens, we will refund all tickets if we are forced to cancel.


We also realize that no matter what we do, there will be individuals who, due to their great passion surrounding COVID vaccinations, will be upset with our choices: SOswing is doing too much of this and/or not enough of that. If you find yourself in one of those populations, please understand we are doing our very best. We take--and bring--the dance floor out of love, not with some ulterior motive of foisting a dark agenda. We gently suggest that you could perhaps redirect your altruistic energies toward a cause truly worthy of your time. Ending war. Housing the homeless. Fighting racism. Overcoming pollution. Making our world a better place to dance. 

As of now, we are very optimistic, we look forward to seeing you for SOswing '22!


Dave Kahn & Wren Newman



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