May 23, 2022 (Post-Convention--As the dust settles....)


Dear SOswing family,

What a great weekend of dance & community! 

Thank you SO much for coming out to support SOswing '22! We had SO much fun!

As usual, the afterpary was one of our favorite events of the weekend, and that's saying quite a lot, considering that so much went so well. If you did attend the afterparty at the Copper Plank, you know what we're talking about, but let's keep this between us, please? It was such a perfect, intimate & relaxed vibe, the perfect coda to weekend that worked on so many levels. We don't want this afterparty thing getting to be a thing, so feel free talk about all the other good stuff, but keep the afterparty chatter on the DL. If someone specifically asks, just them it was fine. We'll do our part and remove this note shortly. 

We definitely need some R&R after SOswing '22. We're confident, though, that we'll be recovered & ready in plenty of time for SOswing '23. We're already anticipating that event--with no masks/vax reqs/etc of any kind--just love!

You get ready too! Mark your calandars for SOswing '23: GLOW!  We're ON for the third weekend of May, 5/18-5/21.



All our best,

Dave Kahn & Wren Newman

PS: If you'll be in town this coming weekend, our regular 4th Saturday dance is 5/28, 7-11pm, at Verve Pilates in Phoenix, OR (mask/vax optional for this one)!



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